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Sorry for the dead hiatus we will be OFFICIALLY be back this summer so please bear with us as we finish off our school year!

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 Customs And Things To Do On The Server!

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PostSubject: Customs And Things To Do On The Server!   Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:02 pm

Im starting to add customs into the game how it's going to work is certain mobs will drop a "CorruptRO Ticket" and when you collect a certain amount of them you will be able to trade them in for usable items. For example 30 tickets will get you a custom box which will let you get a random custom from our vast selection. Other stuff can include Beserk Pill's which is self explanatory, Clone Pill's again self explanatory, EXP book's, Bundles of Box's such as box of storm, speed potions etc. We will also have pills which make you larger, and ones that make you smaller. I will soon post up a list of mobs which will drop the event tickets. Another great feature that will be coming will be a donation system which lets you donate to get any custom item we have available to the public at a price, as well you will be able to donate to get your account privileges upgraded therefore more @commands. If you guys have any suggestions or ideas for our Custom Shop feel free to post ideas on the forum. Don't worry if you have a mysterious item in your inventory right now, when the update comes which will be probably tomorrow you will be able to see all the great customs!
Last but not least I have added the third job changer, when you are changing you must be a trans second class and when your stats will all be reset and your base level and job level will be set to 1! Temporarily I am allowing you guys to use the skills since it is not much of a worry because we are not much a PVP based server YET! I will be making modifacations to some of the skills so they do not 1 hit TKO everyone in WOE etc. Another thing I have changed is that all MVP's hp has been increased so this possibly means that you will need a party to kill them =p. Hmmmm what else.... OH and after demand I have added a disguise NPC in alde so you guys wouldnt be that bored! I look at suggestions daily so say it all now!
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Customs And Things To Do On The Server!
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